Alberta Tanner BSBM, PLC

Alberta Tanner is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in relationship building, and performance coaching. She has covered a vast array of business segments such as event coordination, business development and consulting.

Born and Raised in Louisiana, from humble teachings Alberta knows the value of hard work, along with honor and integrity. She earned her credentials for professional coaching and a degree in business management. Mrs. Tanner approaches every case organically and with personal investment in the well being of her client’s success. As a life coach partner she believes that you can achieve clarity and successful balance in any aspect of life and business. It is my hope that together we reach your goals and stay in the game of life and business with clarity, innovative percepts and balance.



Clear perspective consulting believes that a fit mind is just as important as a healthy body. Our mission is to inspire and empower every client, group or business to embrace a quality life with the perspective on purpose for beneficial together we will assist in clarifying the vision and or goals with innovative and intestinal fortitude; resulting in successful balance, fulfillment with purpose and profitability.

We are passionate about supporting individuals, groups, teams, and or organizations in transforming and realignment, through influential techniques for successful achievement of a higher level of performance while expressing innovations that clarify a visionary balance and purpose of intension; beneficial to your area of need, whether personal or business.


A professional life coach has the ability to motivate, counsel and encourage clients or groups; holding you accountable to achieving your vision or specific matter in the area of life and business challenges. whatever it is that you want in your area of need they can help you get there. Keeping in stride with strategies and plans of action to get you there.


Having a listen driven session to hear and assess your needs


Finding key navigation points to help you research your personal resolution with my guidance.


Personally help you find a journey to a simplified new course of your continued living


Life Coaching

I partner with you in a thought-provoking, life affirming coaching that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional way of living.


I work with you one on one starting with creating a safe space for you to be heard, affirmed and help gain life understanding of a better way.

Youth Mentor

Working with teens and preteens in engagement, confidence building and empowering youth to articulate a better present.

Relationship/Dating Strategies

Equipping singles and couples with the tools to seek, claim and sustain healthy paths to a successful relationships.


Clear Perspective

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